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A profitable and easy fundraiser for any group is poster fundraising. Putting together a poster fundraiser is actually quite simple. Here's how to work, with Brackett-Zimmermann, and earn up to 50% on all purchases.


BOOK US AT YOUR VENUE: At no cost, to you, we will provide professional photographers to take the pictures for your youth sport posters fundraiser. You'll need to provide a central location, at your venue, with plenty of room for photographer, picture-taking backdrops, and a waiting area. The best times are usually opening day, or on weekends, when several teams have games.

ADVERTISE: Pre-sell the fundraiser, with custom flyer/order forms, provided by Brackett-Zimmermann. The custom flyer/order forms can be provided digitally so all you need to do is email them to your players. Youth Sport Posters make great gifts for both friends and realtives. They are perfect as Senior Gifts, Grandparent Gifts or a Child's Room Decor.


ORDER FORMS AND PAYMENT: All Teams or players should have their order forms filled out ahead of time. Please remnd them to print clearly. We are not rsponsible for errors due to illegible handwriting. All orders must be accompanied by payment. Only a check or money order, made out to your organization, will be accepted as payment. No Cash.

PICTURE SCHEDULE: Your coordinator can either assign time slots for teams or players, or you can let them determine what time is best, for them, by just letting them know the time, and location, of our photographer for that day. If you do assign times, we would suggest that all teams or players should be at the location 15 Minutes prior to his/her scheduled time slot.


TURN AROUND TIME: Delivery time of your posters will typically take 7-10 business days. Posters are shipped directly to your league/fundraiser coordinator. Posters will be sperated, by team, for easy distribution to the coaches/team managers.